Why am I moving with dogs?!?

Earlier this year, I completed a certification in Shelter Management and started to virtually hit the pavement with my resume and cover letters.  While I was open to moving, I knew that leaving Colorado would require a really incredible opportunity. It would have to be something really special to get me to commit to an interstate move (one of the top five most stressful things EVER!) and even more special since it would require the added chaos   especially since it would mean moving with dogs! I am beyond excited to share that I have accepted the Vice President of Operations position at Wayside Waifs in Grandview, Missouri!

Tips for how to make moving with dogs as stress free as possible

The original 1944 Wayside Waifs logo

Wayside Waifs is a charitable animal shelter whose purpose is to place adoptable companion animals in responsible homes. Started in 1944, the organization provides temporary shelter for homeless companion animals, educates the public and works to develop partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances to improve animal welfare efforts locally, regionally and nationally. My new position oversees adoptions (and yes, this is when I become the biggest enabler EVER! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), pet memorial services, the Bark Park, the retail area and more! 

Tips for how to make moving with dogs as stress free as possible
Tips for how to make moving with dogs as stress free as possible

So, after 26 years in Colorado, I am packing up my crew and two decades of my life and heading to Kansas City! Like right now!

My dogs see any packing as a sure sign of the apocalypse! Five stress-reducing moving tips. Click To Tweet

Stress reducing tips for moving with dogs

This all happened so fast that my head is still spinning. It was literally a matter of weeks between when I submitted my application and when I had to be in Kansas City. Sorting through and packing up 26 years of my life and all the dog related paraphernalia was no easy task and the dogs proved, once again, that their lack of opposable thumbs means they could not assist with packing and preparations.  #MYDOGSARESLACKERS

Tips for how to make moving with dogs as stress free as possible

Because my dogs see packing of any kind, even lunch, as a sure sign of the apocalypse, I tried really hard to reduce their stress as much as possible. I left packing the bedroom until the very end so that they always had a safe, uncluttered space to rest and I used the garage and a spare room to place packed boxes and suitcases in an effort to reduce anxiety.


Stress Reducing Moving Tips

Because my dogs see packing of any kind as a sure sign of the apocalypse, here are are my top tips for making the move as stress free as possible.


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What other moving stress reduction tips do you have when moving with pets? (Note: Wine and chocolate are TOTALLY acceptable human stress-reducers) If you have cats, what are some cat-specific moving  stress reduction tips you’d like to share?