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So, Here’s the Thing…

As many of my readers know, in the late summer of 2017, I made a major move from Colorado to Kansas City to become the Vice President of Animal Welfare & Operations at Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter. The transition has been a challenge as I went from being a self-employed website designer and pet industry blogger to a full time (plus!) dream job working to help homeless animals every single day. 

This opportunity has been incredible and all-consuming leaving very little time for me to truly engage with brands in the manner I would like. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I take the influencer-brand relationship seriously. As a result, I am dramatically reducing my brand engagement until further notice. At such time that I have mastered how to fit 92 hours worth of work into a 40-hour work week, I will be back on track and looking to engage once again. Until that time, please enjoy the blog, follow us on social media and enjoy the animals in your life! 🙂 

Sarcastic Dog is a healthy lifestyle and dog blog that focuses on healthy living for dogs and their humans. The blog focuses on Alison and her three high-energy, life-loving dogs, Zora, Simon & Piper with an emphasis on outdoor activities, getting healthy with our dogs (Ask about our Healthy Dog, Healthy You Challenge Series),  health and wellness, product & book reviews, and, most importantly, educating and advocating on behalf of bully breeds, animal welfare and rescue.

Sarcastic Dog is a growing blog with an engaged and active readership.  The blog features humorous stories, relevant interviews and reviews, health & fitness tips and encouragement for getting out and enjoying life with our dogs. Alison strives to educate and advocate on behalf of pets and pet parents encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle. Sarcastic Dog welcomes brands, products, and services that support these goals.  See our Media Kit

What Brands Have to Say:

“Having worked with a number of bloggers in the industry, it’s worth noting that Alison is truly exceptional. Before embarking on a post, Alison asks smart questions about a brand / product and clearly outlines her ideas and vision for a post. She is very flexible, attentive and puts a lot of time and care into her writing. In addition, she’s always respectful and in-tune with the brand / product she’s writing about and is in constant communication with professionals she’s working with – providing updates, honest feedback and quality posts. The Sarcastic Dog is a fantastic pet blog and one worth pursing, as Alison is truly a wonderful professional to work with.” 

Kelli H. PR Account Manager , Matrix Partners, Ltd.

“Who’d have thought that a website about dogs would be a good partnership for a women’s sports bra and athletic-wear company like Title Nine, but Alison found a clever and effective way for our two missions to intersect through a fitness challenge, and it developed into a wonderful promotional opportunity. Alison greatly increased our Twitter engagement during the partnership, and helped to showcase our gear to a whole new audience. It was a pleasure to work with her and I am pleased with the outcomes.”

Jessica Russell, Social Media Manager, Title Nine

“Working with Alison has been such a great experience! She actually called and interviewed me about ZigZev! Some bloggers we’ve worked with have simply pulled information from our website and social media. That’s not a bad thing but by asking a lot of questions, Sarcastic Dog readers get to hear parts of our story that people might not normally get to hear. 

 I really enjoy Alison’s writing style. Her blog entries are very well thought out, relatable, and fun to read. She’s amongst the most talented bloggers we’ve worked with thus far. We really love what she and her blog, Sarcastic Dog, stand for.”

Kelly Rueman, Owner, ZigZev Adeventure Headbands

“Ruffwear sponsored Alison’s blog for a healthy challenge/giveaway. Alison is professional and organized, making it easy for me to participate as a sponsor. I also noticed that she gave regular shoutouts on social media to all of the sponsors of the giveaway, which was much appreciated!”

Allison Miles, Ruff Wear Community & Events Specialist, Ruffwear

“Alison at the Sarcastic Dog has been a pleasure to work with over the last year.  She is focused on the goals she wants to achieve and has a clear plan laid out.  Additionally, she is very professional, responsive and passionate in her work.  She engages her audience by providing relevant content to pet parents out there who want the best things possible for their four legged family members.  I look forward to working with Alison over the next year and beyond!”

Raquel Axelrod, Field Marketing Manager , The Honest Kitchen

Products we love to work with

  • Natural and organic products (human and canine)
  • High quality dog food (raw, dehydrated, kibble or canned)
  • Healthy treats and chews
  • Outdoor hiking, camping & safety gear & active wear (human and canine)
  • Interactive toys, games and puzzles
  • Collars and leashes and other accessories & canine safety equipment
  • Subscription boxes
  • RVs & Campers

Examples of Previous Reviews and Giveaway Posts

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How to work with us



Intensive sponsorship campaigns or ambassador partnerships lasting 3-12 months. Details and pricing to be determined based on customized plan.



Traditional one-off reviews and giveaways of products or services. Includes 1 blog post and a social media blast on the major social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest).



Traditional website ads – pricing based on size, placement and duration of ads.

Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

  • I am not a veterinarian, a vet tech, nutritionist or trainer. My experience as a pet owner, dog rescue volunteer and board member and as a certified health coach, inform the opinions expressed on this blog.  
  • I only promote products and services that I have tried and that I believe will be of interest to and benefit my readers. All reviews reflect my personal experience and I provide readers only with honest reviews. I cannot guarantee a positive review of any products or services.
  • All products or services reviewed on the blog have been given to me for free. 
  • I reserve the right to provide advertising and sponsorship only for partners and businesses that make sense for my readership.
  • All content, photos and other media on this blog are my own unless otherwise noted and all photos, other media and written content require my direct consent and permission for reprinting, reposting or other use.


General Policies

Sarcastic Dog maintains full editorial control of the content and information that is shared, and how it is presented on the blog. We will discuss all guidelines with you in advance but please note that we reserve the right to make small adjustments that may not have been discussed in advance. If your contract is for a featured product or service review, please keep in mind that we do not guarantee a positive review. Maintaining our integrity with our readers is paramount. 

In keeping with the FTC guidelines, reviews of any received products or services will include the source of the product and/or service in a required disclosure statement included at the top or bottom of the blog post or as might fit seamlessly into the article that the product or service was provided at no charge to me. Additionally, we follow Google’s regulations requiring that all compensated links (compensation includes money, product and/or services) will be “no-follow” links.