I’m sure you’re asking, “What do sports bras have to do with dog walks?”  I promise you there is a connection between sports bras and dog walks but you’ll have to read all the way to the end to find out 😉

On Thursday night, I had the pleasure of attending a Title Nine Fit Fest media event at the Boulder, Colorado location. Normally, I rank bra shopping as only slightly less painful and terrifying than bathing suit shopping. Such shopping excursions normally end in tears and a large chocolate bar for me so, I’ll be honest, I was sure I would walk out of the event completely demoralized. I could not have been more wrong.

sports bras and dog walks.

The team of  Title Nine bravangelist fitting experts made the process fun, interesting and absolutely painless. They know how to put everyone at ease, accurately measure a woman’s chest, which not all bra stores do well, and they have an excellent selection of bras for serious sports activities, work to workout, everyday and even date night and, most importantly, they carry bras that are designed for real women.

Sports bras and dog walks. Find the perfect Title Nine sports bra for the Healthy Dog, Healthy you challenge

How to get the right fit

While the average American woman wears a 36C bra, if you’ve ever shopped for a sports bra, you know how hard it can be to find a good, truly supportive bra that comes any bigger than an A or B-cup. Title Nine carries bras from 32AA up to 40EEE in styles that you actually want to wear and has bras for all different shapes, sizes, and workout routines. They also carry some terrific options for nursing moms.

Sports bras and dog walks. Find the perfect Title Nine sports bra for the Healthy Dog, Healthy you challenge

Bravangelist Fitting Expert, Katie and sporty dog, Cass. I had no idea there would be a dog at the event, but it was kind of perfect as you’ll see when you get to the end of the post. I promise sports bras and dog walks go together well!

The awesome Katie measured me and then walked me through the features of several of the bras, really trying to hone in on my athletic activities and what I look for in a bra. She then pulled a varied selection of bras in my size to try on. It was a very personalized and focused experience. There was no pressure or push towards a particular type of bra and I didn’t feel rushed. In fact, I was encouraged to try the bras on and really give them a little workout with various stations like the hula hoop, jump rope and hippity hop ball. 

Sports bras and dog walks. Find the perfect Title Nine sports bra for the Healthy Dog, Healthy you challenge

Starter selection of bras pulled for me to try

Whether you are looking for “lock and load”compression for high impact activities or something that can easily transition from work to yoga class, I can’t recommend Title Nine more highly! They have tested thousands of bras and from the high quality materials to the unique barbells rating system (1=light support, 6=maximum support), there is truly something for every activity level and every woman.

Often putting on a sports bra is like wrestling with a large rubber band, but all of the bras I tried on had a rear clasp making them easy on/easy off! I am loving the fit, feel and color of my new Marvel bra by panache sport.

Sports bras and dog walks. Find the perfect Title Nine sports bra for the Healthy Dog, Healthy you challenge

And the winner is… Seriously, I LOVE this bra!

Save the date!

Trust me on this – you do not want to miss out on an awesome free fitting. Visit Title Nine to find the Fit Fest date and location nearest you. If you are in Colorado there is a Fit Fest event this Wednesday and Thursday March 30 and 31, 2016 at the Boulder store and April 6th and 7th at the Cherry Creek store.

RSVP to reserve your personalized bra fitting!

Sports Bras and Dog Walks

Remember how I promised to explain how sports bras and dog walks are connected? Well, the amazing folks at Title Nine are supporting the upcoming Sarcastic Dog 30-Day Healthy Dog, Healthy You Walk the Dog Challenge with a free bra for the winner of the challenge!

Challenge details (including additional giveaway items) coming next week! If you don’t want to miss the Challenge and Giveaway announcement, sign up for the Sarcastic Dog email list today!


How hard is it for you to find quality sports bras that are comfortable, attractive and truly supportive?


Full disclosure – I was given a free Title Nine bra to try in exchange for this review of my bra fitting experience and the bra I chose but the thoughts and opinions shared here are, as always, 100% my own. I will only provide my honest assessment of any product, service or experience.