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Over time, we hope Sarcastic Dog will become one of your go-to websites for events & resources for all things dog.  We know it’s not possible to list every shelter or resource but we will do our best to highlight organizations and individuals who are doing incredible work. 

Free Downloadable Educational Resources from Doggie Drawings by Lili  

Lili Chin is a professional artist and animator. DOGGIE DRAWINGS is a full-time (one-person) pet portrait and illustration business with a deep commitment to dog rescues. To date, Ms. Chin has drawn more than 800 unique pet portraits and donated a total of $13,242 to many dog rescue groups.

The pdfs below are free to download for personal use. Please visit  Doggie Drawings by Lili  for more educational and artistic images including t-shirts, art prints, magnets and more!

Socializing Your Dog
Socializing Your Dog
Socializing Your Dog
Polite Leash Walking Part 1
Polite Leash Walking Part 2
Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs
Your Choice Affects Your Dog’s Choice – Growling
Your Choice Affects Your Dog’s Choice – Barking
Space Etiquette for Dogs



Awesome Programs

Other Services

Pet Photographers 

Emily Tronetti from Heal to Howl is committed to “deepening the human-animal bond through education, canine massage, animal Reiki and pet photography.” 


Ashley Deaner from Ashley Deaner Photography creates portraits for families including pet companions