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Sarcastic Dog is committed to rescue, education and advocacy. We are about all things dog: how dogs impact our lives, how we can be responsible pet owners & how we can all learn from the incredible example dogs set when it comes to wagging our tails with uninhibited joy.

Hanging at the Hydrant

This post is sponsored by the BlogPaws® Pet Influ [...]

This post is sponsored by the BlogPaws® Pet Influ [...]

Every year, following the chaos of the holiday se [...]

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  • I brought Piper to work today She seems genuinely offended
  • My crew knows how to sunday   simonthelabrador yellowlab
  • Lilas first outing to jacobloosepark and she did great!!! Made
  • Me Lila do you think Simon is enjoying that?
  • Lila at waysidewaifs helping humane education manager amstanimal teach preschoolers
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