Animal Lovers Can Change the World

If you follow me here on the blog or on social media, you know that I am a big animal welfare advocate. I write for animal lovers everywhere and last year I was able to turn my passion for animal welfare into a full time job working as the VP of Operations for a large animal shelter. “I’m doing my part”, I thought. “I mean I work in animal rescue, after all. I have three former shelter dogs; I office foster; I often choose vegetarian options; I buy critter-safe gardening products and environmentally-friendly household cleaning supplies; and I use my blog to give a voice to the voiceless whenever I can so, I’m good, right?” 

Well…yes. And, of course, there’s always more to be done when it comes to truly making the world a better, cleaner, safer and more humane place. But, where do you start?!?  Let’s be honest, we humans can be pretty judgy with one another when it comes to lifestyle choices and our belief systems about most things and when you start to really examine all the ways in which our human choices negatively impact the world around us and the animals with whom we share this planet, it can all be a bit overwhelming. 

Start with The Animal Lovers Guide to Changing the World by Stephanie Feldstein.

The Animal Lovers Guide to Changing the World. Steps you can take to make the world a more animal friendly place

What’s in the Animal Lovers Guide?

This comprehensive guide is a wealth of educational information and actionable advocacy – my favorite kind of guide! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stephanie’s book challenges us to all do some self-reflection – even if it gets a little uncomfortable – and really explore our personal choices and what kind of impact our decisions have on animals. 

I really appreciate that Stephanie’s book is not preachy or judgmental and that there truly is something for all animal lovers. Given my work in animal welfare and my personal commitment to changing the conversation about pit bull type dogs, I was personally drawn to the chapters on language and the power of words and, of course, the discussion surrounding “Adopt. Don’t Shop”.  From the small daily changes we can each make to large scale advocacy campaigns, this guide covers everything from food to fashion, from the impact of big agriculture to the pros and cons of eco-tourism, from the individual to the global community. 

Each chapter concludes with simple action steps you can take and the author has included a list of resources related to each topic in the appendix. In several chapters, there are more involved “how to” mini guides including how to start your own campaign and a checklist for when you are ready to add a furry family member. The Animal Lovers Guide to Changing the World will be the kind of book you reference over and over again.

Animal Lovers Takeaways

Don’t be so judgy! Each of us is on our own journey so be a little kinder to others who may not be as far along as you might like them to be when it comes to their humane and green lifestyle choices. Remember that socio-economics play a huge role in terms of access to education, healthy food choices and a person’s ability to implement change in their life. In other words, extend some of your compassion for animals towards your fellow human beings.  

#AdoptDontShop. You know this is one of my favorite hashtags and something I talk about here on the blog and on social media.  The chapter in the guide on shelter and rescue adoptions should be required reading for anyone considering the addition of a new family pet. 

Start where you are.  Don’t worry about tackling each action item in the book all at once. This is an in-depth book and you do not need to read it sequentially. Stephanie has included so much valuable information on how we can all do a little more to create a more humane global community. Scroll the table of contents, pick the topic that speaks to you the loudest and start there. 

Feeling Inspired? Ready to Create a More Animal-Friendly World?

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Leave a comment below telling us one step you have already taken (or plan on taking) toward making the world safer and more friendly for animals. Keep in mind that small steps add up and together we can all make a difference. 

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The Animal Lovers Guide to Changing the World. Steps you can take to make the world a more animal friendly place