4 Gifts for Pets!

We are totally getting into the holiday spirit over here at Chez Sarcastic Dog. With our crew back up to three pups, we are wanting and needing all kinds of new fun things for the dogs. We’re making our holiday wish list and are excited to share some of our top puppy present picks for this holiday season as part of the 4 Gifts for Pets Holiday Giveaway Hop!

The 4 Gifts for Pets Giveaway hop is sponsored by CleverPet. All gift card prizes were funded by contributions from the participating bloggers. 4 Gifts posts contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase we will earn a small commission, but your order will not cost you anything extra.

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The 4 Gifts Approach to Holiday Giving

In an effort to get away from the zaniness of overspending and over shopping during the holidays, which kind of misses the point of the season, the 4 Gifts concept strives to help shoppers focus on something wanted, something needed, something to wear and something to read. As my dogs can neither read nor do they have opposable thumbs with which to hold a book, we have changed the last one to “something to eat”, which if you know my dogs, will be GREATLY appreciated πŸ˜‰

I’ll be honest, as someone who celebrates the eight nights, and thus eight presents, of Chanukah, I was at first a little skeptical about cutting the gift count in half! However, in an effort to stay within budget and to really embrace the four gifts concept, I came up with four items I’m really excited to share with you as we head in to the holiday gift buying season.

4 gifts for pets holiday giveaway and blog hop. Best presents for dogs and dog lovers.


Piper, Lila, & Simon’s top picks for the season!

Something they WANT:

4 gifts for pets holiday giveaway and blog hop. Best presents for dogs and dog lovers.Not only am I sure my crew would absolutely go nuts for the CleverPet Hub, this is actually something I want for the dogs. In fact, I want one for each of them! After reading a review from fellow blogger, Kol’s Notes, I have been absolutely obsessed with getting one of these awesome and innovative game consoles for the dogs! 

The CleverPet Hub is basically like a Nintendoβ„’ for dogs!  All of the games were designed by a team of animal-loving cognitive scientists, in order to keep your dog’s mind active and engaged. Exercising their minds is just as important as exercising their bodies and the CleverPet Hub does just that! Check out the very cool video about how it works, learn more about the company and order yours at Clever.pet plus save $20 using code kolchak-20


Something to WEAR:

4 gifts for pets holiday giveaway and blog hop. Best presents for dogs and dog lovers.If you have been a Sarcastic Dog follower here on the blog or on social media, you know that we are HUGE fans of all things Teckelklub!  Piper (pictured left in her fabulous monogrammed Teckelklub fuzzy fleece) came to my home as a rescue foster from California. She showed up in February in the middle of a snow storm, took one step onto the porch and proceeded to shiver all over. Up until that point, I’d never had a dog in need of outerwear and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that we found Teckelklub.

Not only does this awesome company make high quality products but they also have amazing customer service and genuinely want to make sure that every dog has the right coat and the right fit. Every dog should have a stylish, functional and affordable coat for each season and Teckelklub has everything from fleece, to rain coats, to winter wear and lined trenches and so much more!

Something to EAT:

4 gifts for pets holiday giveaway and blog hop. Best presents for dogs and dog lovers.


I have shared my thoughts about the benefits of CBD oil in addressing anxiety, arthritis and pain in dogs and I have continued to research and test various brands and strengths. Without a doubt, CBD oil helped me get Piper more comfortable with riding in the car and eased Zora’s joint pain before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year.

While CBD oil may not be on the top of your list (yet) this holiday season, as we enter the time of year where guests come and go and the cold weather settles in, I absolutely recommend adding a CBD oil tincture to your pup’s stocking especially if you have a dog who struggles with anxiety or is suffering with painful joint or mobility issues. I have become such a fan of CBD oil and, in particular the Boulder based company, Functional Remedies that I will be offering it here on the blog very soon. (check back and follow us on social media for an upcoming announcement!)


Something they NEED:

4 gifts for pets holiday giveaway and blog hop. Best presents for dogs and dog lovers.

This past August, we made the long car ride from Colorado to Kansas City, Missouri with three dogs in the car. And, not just in any car but in my brand new car! I mean my car was new enough that it still had that new car scent and there was virtually no dog hair or dirt anywhere. You can imagine how excited I was about the prospect of traveling across several states with three dogs, two of whom were olympic level shedders. I knew that without some sort of car seat cover, the interior of my car would be pretty much a mess. 

Enter the amazing Molly Mutt car seat cover. When I say that everyone with dogs NEEDS one of these, I am as serious as dog hair stuck in the fibers of your car’s carpet. Because we were traveling with all three dogs, we had the rear seat folded down and simply laid our Molly Mutt cover over the entire rear of the car.  The drive took about 11 hours with stops. When I went to clean out the car after the long, hot car ride, I was amazed at how well the cover had protected my car seats, especially the back of the rear seats that were carpeted. Additionally, the cover kept the dog odor from sinking in and my car still smelled new! The covers can be used as a car seat cover or a cargo cover and they come in several beautiful and colorful patterns, 

We want every dog to get everything on their holiday wish list so we’ve partnered with some of  the most wonderful dog bloggers we know and the amazing folks over at CleverPet to bring you some prizes sure to make every dog jump for joy.  During the next 12 days you can enter to win:

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