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If you follow Sarcastic Dog, you know that we just finished our inaugural 30-Day Healthy Dog, Healthy You Walk the Dog Challenge & Giveaway as part of our commitment to living healthy and active lives with our dogs. The challenge inspired people to recommit to regular walks, hikes and, for a brave few, runs with their dogs. A couple of folks have even set the goal of getting out for a summer camping trip with our dogs (including me in a moment of possible over-exuberance when I said I would get out there with all three of mine at the same time…)

While most active pet parents are committed to providing the best and most useful outdoor gear and accessories for our dogs, sometimes we forget about ourselves. (If we are really honest, MOST of time we put our dogs’ well-being ahead of our own…) During the inaugural Healthy Dog, Healthy You challenge and giveaway, we had no shortage of awesome giveaway prizes but most were for the dogs. Serendipitously, right before the challenge launched, I was introduced to an AWESOME new product for us humans at the end of the leash: ZigZev Adventure Headbands. Thankfully, ZigZev came on board as a giveaway sponsor providing me with a headband to test and providing a headband for the three lucky giveaway winners!

For those of you new to Sarcastic Dog, you know that I only gush about and share products I really love and this is most definitely one of my new favorite pet parent products so get ready for some gushing – not only because this is a fantastic, well made product for both men and women, but also because the founder, Kelly Reumann, is committed to animal rescue and sustainability. – Two things you know we love here at Sarcastic Dog.

Sarcastic Dog reviews ZigZev Adventure headbands that give back to animal rescues

They say the necessity is the mother of invention.

ZigZev founder, Kelly never set out to be an entrepreneur – though a middle school incident where she was reprimanded for trying to sell homemade items on the school bus might suggest it was inevitable 😉

A graphic designer by trade, Kelly is also an avid outdoors enthusiast and animal lover who was struggling to find a comfortable and functional sports headband.Three fabulous ZigZev Adventure Sport Headbands

A combination of Pinspiration and an idea she got from her brother, who would cut the sleeves off t-shirts and stretch the cylinder of sleeve fabric around his head as a makeshift headband, led Kelly to invent the ZevBand using a Lycra blend fabric, designed to hold its shape, absorb sweat, be exceptionally comfortable, and fashionable.

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Another very important inspiration, particularly for ZigZev’s charitable giving program was Kelly’s adopted cat, Zev, for whom the company is named. Zev was adopted from HEART Animal Rescue and Adoption Team, Inc. a shelter committed to “finding animals some wonderful forever homes!”

ZigZev is a small fledgling startup out of Buffalo, NY. They focus on creating high quality, affordable, and fashion forward handmade headbands in a variety of original designs with a commitment to environmental sustainability. The headbands are tapered in the back which allows the band to rest comfortably at the base of the head and the design allows for both a wider, over the forehead sporty look or the more traditional headband look when folded over.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 6.06.07 PM Check out ZevBands in action!

Sarcastic Dog reviews adventure sport headband. Get 25% off your ZigZev Headband


Why we LOVE the ZigZev Adventure Headband

I have often shied away from headbands because of what I call “the Amish cap effect”. This is when a headband slowly, but inevitably, slides back on your head until it forms a nice little “Amish cap” at the back of your head which is, frankly not the sportiest or hippest of looks. And, if they don’t slide back, most headbands are so tight that you end your workout with a splitting headache!

Enter the ZigZev Headband! Not only does the headband stay in place but it is also extremely comfortable from the second you put it on until you are done with your workout. So comfortable, in fact, that I have actually forgotten I have it on many times.

I wore my “” Zevband during the Healthy Dog, Healthy You Challenge on everything from leisurely neighborhood dog walks, to rigorous hiking on the trails, to a workout with a trainer and my headband didn’t budge or cause me any pain!

BONUS! I get compliments every time I wear my “” Zevband, which provides the perfect opportunity to open a conversation about rescue and pet adoption. 


Isn’t a Headband just a Headband? Actually, No. These headbands ROCK because:

  • Unique Handmade Design – ZigZev headbands are tapered (wide at the top and narrower at the back) creating a natural drape around the back of the neck. You can wear the headband folded over for a more traditional, thinner look or leave the band unfolded and pull the covering the forehead and front of the hair, or folded over for a thin and streamlined look. The Lycra blend fabric used is particularly soft, stretchable and absorbent – making it perfect for active wear.

The #1 Selling ZevBand

The #1 selling ZigZev Adventure Headband

The new Mojave design is the best seller!

  • Commitment to Animal Welfare $1 of every Zevband goes to HEART Animal Rescue and Adoption Team, Inc. (Seriously, This Zevband is kind of a must-have for every dog parent, cat parent, or animal lover in general!)

ZigZev donates $1.00 of every purchase to animal rescue

  • Easy Care. I asked Kelly about the best way to care for my ZevBand, assuming I’d have to dry clean it to have it retain it’s shape but Kelly assured me that although the Zevband might lose it’s stretch a bit with use and sweat, you just pop it in the washing machine or hand wash it in a bit of gentle soap and water and it will bounce right back. NOTE: Do NOT put your ZevBand in the dryer. Line-dry only
  • Wide Variety of Designs.Kelly’s incredible graphic art talents can be seen in the varied selection of prints and designs for both men and women. Kelly personally designs each exclusive ZigZev pattern in her studio and there are three main categories to choose from including the CLASSIC ZEVBANDSGRAPHIC ZEVBANDS and BUFFALO ZEVBANDS specially designed her hometown of Buffalo. 

My next ZevBand!

  • Affordable.I have seen designer headbands that cost upwards of $20 a piece. ZevBands are more than reasonably priced between $8 and $10 and, remember, a portion of every single sale goes towards animal rescue
  • BONUS:They look great on EVERYONE and don’t cause unsightly “headband hair”, as my daughter calls it.




Missed the challenge & giveaway but still want your veryown ZigZev Adventure Sport Headband?

Of  course you do!

Get your own &

Sarcastic Dog reviews adventure sport headband. Get 25% off your ZigZev Headband


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