Why NomNomNow

When Piper first started on the NomNomNow dog food, I was excited but skeptical that anything would ever really reduce, let alone eliminate her digestive issues. I didn’t believe I’d ever find a dog food option that would fully address her food sensitivities as even many of the grain-free, single protein options I’d tried, still had so many additional ingredients in them, it was hard to narrow down what exactly was causing her to constantly have soft stools.

As I mentioned in a previous post about NomNomNow’s home delivery dog food service, switching to this gently cooked fresh dog food, was seamless. Piper had absolutely no problems during the initial transition week where we gradually increased the proportion of NomNowNow while reducing the amount of Piper’s regular dog food. The company provides pre-portioned and pre-labeled packets to make this as easy as possible on your dog’s system.

NomNomNow home delivery dog food service. This company supports rescue and adoption efforts by partnering with shelters and rescues to promote #adoptdontshop and #opttoadopt initiatives

NomNomNow provided food and compensation in exchange for our honest assessment.  As always, we only share products and services we have actually tried and that we feel comfortable recommending to our readers.  All opinions shared here are our own and reflect our actual experience.

After nearly four months on the NomNomNow Porkalicious Pot Luck, Piper continues to have normal stools and her coat is soft, shiny and healthy.

A Company with a Cause

You know that Sarcastic Dog is committed to rescue and advocacy so we are always excited to partner with companies that share our passion for animal welfare. When I first wrote about NomNomNow, I mentioned that the company has a strong and active commitment to supporting rescue and adoptions. I want to tell you a little more about the company’s unique adoption program and their partner organizations. 

NomNomNow home delivery dog food service. This company supports rescue and adoption efforts by partnering with shelters and rescues to promote #adoptdontshop and #opttoadopt initiatives

The folks behind NomNomNow have been supporting rescue and adoption efforts since launching the company. They carried their passion for helping dogs into the company philosophy. NomNomNow believes that all dogs should live happy and healthy lives so they donate 1% of all sales to supporting pet nutrition research organizations such as KetoPet Sanctuary.

A dog food company with a cause! @Nom_Nom_Now delivers food & supports dog adoptions! Click To Tweet

In addition to donating back, the company has created a unique adoption incentive program to offer discounts on fresh dog food when you adopt from one of their partner shelters or rescues that help dogs in need. For any dog owner who adopts through one of their partner organizations, NomNomNow will provide you a special 50% off two weeks of food as a thank you, plus they will donate back to that shelter or rescue.

If you are looking to adopt a dog, please consider one of the NomNomNow partner organizations listed on their adoption program page (currently there are partner shelters in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington). When you adopt from one of the listed organizations, ask for your discount code and then use that adoption code when you place your first NomNomNow order. Not only will you receive your 50% off two weeks of food “Thank you for Adopting” code but  NomNomNow will donate $25 back to the shelter or rescue in your name!

NomNomNow home delivery dog food service. This company supports rescue and adoption efforts by partnering with shelters and rescues to promote #adoptdontshop and #opttoadopt initiatives

I worked with the rescue where Piper was saved and I know first hand how hard the work is and how much shelters and rescue need resources and support like NomNomNow offers.

This is an amazing initiative from a startup company so please give NomNomNow a little love on social media so they can grow and keep on doing what they do – providing amazing, healthy dog food delivered right to your door AND supporting continuing pet nutrition research efforts and adoption incentive programs. 

Not Looking to Adopt Right Now but Still want to Try NomNomNow?

No problem! The wonderful team at NomNomNow has given us an exclusive coupon code to share with Sarcastic Dog readers. Receive 50% off your first week of food! I saw immediate changes in Piper’s digestive track and within a couple of weeks her fur was softer and shinier than I could have imagined. If you want to give NomNomNow a try, use the coupon code below and please let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts and pictures on social media. If you do adopt a dog from one of NomNomNow’s awesome rescue partners, please share your adoption story with us and tag Sarcastic Dog and NomNomNow so we can see pictures of your new dog!

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Have questions?

The NomNomNow customer service team is AMAZING! They will work with you to find the right formula and talk through any ordering questions.