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Fresh Pet Food Delivery: Could This  Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Fresh pet food delivery service, NomNomNow reviewed by Sarcastic Dog. Free delivery. Customized meal plans. Fresh human grade dog food

Home delivery meals are HUGE right now. A box arrives at your door and everything is perfectly portioned and ready to prepare. There’s no meal planning, list making, or grocery shopping. You simply open the box and everything you need for a nutritious meal is waiting for you. A few chops, sprinkles, and sautés later, you have dinner on the table. It’s still a little work but it’s such a time saver and at least I know I’m guaranteed to eat some vegetables! (Seriously… I’ve been known to make a meal of nutella, a banana and slightly stale cheese popcorn when left to my own devices.)

Up until now, such services have been reserved for the human members of the household. Enter NomNomNow home-cooked dog food. This company serves up pre-portioned, personalized meals for dogs. Using fresh restaurant-quality, human grade ingredients their specialized recipes are formulated by a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist and are designed to provide maximum nutrition. Not to overstate things, but the fact that these meals are prepared for your dog and delivered to your door with no extra delivery charge is way better than sliced bread!

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NomNomNow in Action

Setting up your account is easy. You start by setting up your dog’s profile.  Tell NomNomNow about your dog and share any allergies or other relevant health information. It takes just a few minutes to get set up and start the fresh cooked goodness on its way to your door!

Each week, fresh, never frozen food arrives  at your door. The week’s worth of food is pre-portioned, labeled and ready to go right into the fridge. That’s right! There is no shopping, chopping, measuring,  or defrosting. You unpack your recyclable box (even the pouches are recyclable depending on where you live!) and put your week’s worth of food in the fridge. You can also freeze the food, if desired.  Delivery is free!

Your first week is marked for easy transition. It is critical to transition your dog to a new food slowly so as not not disrupt their system. NomNowNow labels your dog’s food so you know exactly how much to feed at each meal until your dog is fully transitioned by the end of the first week. 

When it’s meal time, simply pull a pouch out of the fridge, tear off the top and serve. 



Fresh pet food delivery service, NomNomNow reviewed by Sarcastic Dog. Free delivery. Customized meal plans. Fresh human grade dog food

 Individual pouches are marked so you know exactly how much to feed each day. For example, on days one and two, I will feed 25% NomNomNow and 75% our regular food. On the third and fourth day, the pouches indicate a 50/50 split. Days five and six will be 75% NomNomNow/25% our regular food and then the final day of the first week is 100% NomNomNow.


I’m excited that NomNomNow let’s you customize the fresh dog food your dog eats based on their individual needs. As some of you know, Piper has a serious food sensitivity, so we are always looking for grain free, limited ingredient, single protein high quality dog food. We have tried a variety of kibbles, canned foods, and dehydrated foods in various combinations with varying results. I am really excited to see how she does on the NomNowNow personalized meal plan.  

Fresh Food Options

NomNomNow offers several vet-formulated recipes that are perfectly balanced including:

Heartland Beef Mash
Tasty Turkey Fare
Chicken Chow-Wow
Porkalicious Potluck
Egg & Veggie Medley

After a quick online chat with customer service, I decided to start Piper on the Porkalicious PotLuck. She hasn’t had a pork-based food so I’m really curious to see how her system handles this new protein.


The Advantages of a Fresh Food Diet

Let’s be honest, feeding your dog kibble is about as easy as it gets but it can be nutritionally deficient and, especially for animals with dietary issues, it’s often hard to find truly limited ingredient dog food which makes it hard to identify what might be causing a food reaction. Providing a fresh, home-cooked food can improve your dog’s overall health and wellness. The NomNomNow food is about as clean as it gets – no fillers or preservatives and when it arrives at your door, it has never been frozen. Short of making it yourself, it’s hard to get much fresher than that. This type of diet is more easily absorbed for energy, contributes to a stronger, healthier immune system, improves coat shine, healthy skin and eye brightness. Another nice bonus is that  NomNomNow does not add unnecessary fiber to their recipes which means that your dog uses more of the food and produces less waste (Score!) 

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And, if all that isn’t enough, it’s a major time saver! If time constraints make it a challenge for me to get healthy home cooked meals on the table for myself, chances are I’m going to be hard-pressed to prepare fresh cooked or raw meals for my three dogs.  The reality is that I don’t know enough about dog nutrition to even know where to start when it comes to preparing healthy fresh food for my dogs so I am really excited to try NomNomNow with my crew and will be sharing everyone’s progress in the coming months.

Fresh pet food delivery service, NomNomNow reviewed by Sarcastic Dog. Free delivery. Customized meal plans. Fresh human grade dog food

Fresh Pet Food Delivery Made a Little Easier

If you want to give NomNomNow Fresh Pet Food Delivery a try, use the code Piper20 during check out on the NomNomNow website for 20% off your first week’s order.

Fresh pet food delivery service, NomNomNow reviewed by Sarcastic Dog. Free delivery. Customized meal plans. Fresh human grade dog food

Show NomNomNow some love by giving them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to check back here for an update on Piper’s progress, to see what Simon and Zora think, and to learn more about this company that not only provides healthy fresh pet food delivery but also shares my commitment to animal welfare and rescue.