When a company designs with a mission

The world of animal rescue can be a sad and scary place. It is easy to focus on the horrors that humans visit upon animals that have no voice leaving us discouraged, sad and often feeling hopeless. So, when we find a company shining its bright light on animal welfare issues, we have to celebrate with bells on, music blaring and a virtual parade.

Enter Fabiana Rodriguez and her amazing one-woman show, Oki Doggy – Handmade thoughtful designs to help homeless pets. Fabiana is a graphic designer who is as committed to supporting animal rescue as she is to growing her delightful line of leashes, collars, t-shirts, bed covers and more – all of which support animal rescue efforts.


Fabiana arrived in Los Angeles via Argentina in 1993 and while working as a barista, a chance encounter gave her a start in the fashion where she started designing for Target, Forever21, Urban Outfitters and JC Penny, among others.

A New Journey

As Fabiana says, “you never know where you will end up” and another chance encounter during her first time at her local West Los Angeles Animal Shelter led her down an entirely new path. At the shelter, Fabiana met a dog, named Mocha. It was instant love and Mocha had found her forever home. A flea infestation shortly after Mocha arrived home led Fabiana to design reusable, washable fashion covers for dog beds. By using recycled materials and stuffing the covers with old t-shirts, linens, dishtowels and other used clothing, Fabiana created a sustainable and easy to care for dog bed that is both fashionable and functional.

Mission drieven business

Then, Oki Doggy was born. A line of handmade thoughtful products for dogs and their friends, and by friends, I mean human friends!  Her line includes a variety of designer fabrics translated into duvet and cushion covers, bows, toys and more, inspired to mix and match with your home decor and there is a line of AWESOME graphic rescue T-shirts for those of us with opposable thumbs!

Mission Driven Design

angela-rescue-walkAs an animal advocate Fabiana is, through Oki Doggy, on a mission to support animal welfare, which is why giving back is the most important core value of the company. Fabiana’s fashion-forward rescue
t-shirt line, WEAR L.O.V.E. (Loving Owners Versus Euthanasia), launched in 2015 and has been growing steadily. Her t-shirt line gives back the biggest rewards. No doubt the jump start happened when Oki Doggy’s T-shirt line supported the efforts of Angela Adan’s recent Girl On A Mission Tour, which was a life changing experience for many dog owners around the country, (including yours truly!) Fabiana donates $7 per T shirt sold! 


[one_third]My other favorite rescue t-shirt from OKIDoggy in support of Angela Adan's Girl on a Mission Dog Training Tour[/one_third][one_third] My favorite rescue t-shirt. Support the Girl on a Mission Tour[/one_third][one_third_last]Dog training fundraiser [/one_third_last]


As of today the Wear L.O.V.E. Collection has expanded and now includes handcrafted leashes, collars and bandanas to complete the perfect giving circle. 

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But, Fabiana wanted to do even more so she added the Chain of Love. This is Oki Doggy’s commitment to give back. 15% from every purchase goes towards rescues. The products listed in the Chain of Love section of the website (look for the items with the heart icon) along with the Wear L.O.V.E. Collection are the ones that really give back, from $1 up to $7 per item! 



The ‘Chain of Love’ is the whole concept of giving back. “What goes around comes around” is my favorite quote and this is why I put so much love in to each single product I create. I want people to feel, to perceive the dedication that it is behind my work to keep them coming back and support my cause.  

                                                                                 – Fabiana, Oki Doggy

Giving back is the core of Oki Doggy. Fabiana wants people to fall in love with her creations and to continue the connected chain. When asked about her motivation, Fabiana says, “An entire mechanism that continues to flow and generates a positive outcome every single time. I’m convinced that giving back should become the NEW way to buy things. It’s like making your money go further, as an added value. Why not contribute to improve something when buying things, beyond the mere motivation of satisfying a material need?”  We all shop so why not look at a new way to buy things – something that also fulfills the soul?” Oki Doggy hopes this kind of shopping with a purpose will become the norm in a near future.

[one_third] okd-toy-bin[/one_third][one_third] okd-pizza-toy[/one_third][one_third_last] okd-collar[/one_third_last]

Fabiana wants people to learn about her mission and for Oki Doggy to become the place they go to buy awesome dog and human gear that impacts the lives of animals in need. With her focus on uniqueness, great quality and  fair prices that give back, I am sure she will achieve both goals.

I am always looking for companies who walk the talk and Oki Doggy has demonstrated a commitment to animal welfare that is inspiring and worth supporting. Quality handmade products that benefit animal welfare and community outreach? Sold! 

The holidays will be here before you know it. This year, consider giving a gift that gives back, like Oki Doggy Pets!


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