Last minute SUPER EASY DIY dog costume!

Looking for a last minute, super easy costume for your dog for Halloween? You’ve come to the right place. I am about as DIY-challenged as they come and this took less than an hour (not including time to wander the aisles of the fabric store working up the courage to ask for help picking out tulle for my dog’s Halloween outfit.) 

Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am that I am making a costume for my dog as I used to be staunchly in the “I don’t dress my dogs” camp but then Piper came into my world and she is the first dog I’ve ever had that actually needs a coat in cold weather and, well, one thing led to another and, it’s a slippery slope, folks! 


Because, Pit Bulls in Tutus!


Pit bulls in tutus


What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Elastic (preferably in a cool neon color like I found at the fabric store)
  • Tulle – choose any color(s) you like
  • A safety pin, velcro or a needle and thread
  • Optional: ribbon 
DIY supplies for Halloween costume for a dog


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 DIY Halloween costume for dogs. Pit bulls in tutus


Step One

Measure the elastic around your dog’s waist where you want the finished tutu to sit and cut your elastic about an inch or two too short. (later, you will be fastening it a bit tighter so it stays in place)

Step Two

Lay out your tool folded in half and cut strips of various widths. 

Step Three

Loop the tool so you can pull the length through the loop around the elastic band (Yes – that sounds really confusing but if the pictures don’t make sense, just tie strips of tulle to your elastic. – Remember this is for fun and your dog won’t care if it’s not perfect :-))

DIY Halloween costume for dogs
DIY Halloween costume for dogs
DIY Halloween costume for dogs


Step Four

Trim the lengths of tulle to an appropriate size. If so desired, tie a few pieces of contrasting colored ribbon on for fun!  

DIY Halloween costume for dogs

Step Five

You can either use a safety pin, velcro tabs or a needle and thread to make a loop out of your elastic. Adjust to keep the tutu tight but not too tight.

DIY-Halloween Costume for Dogs

Note: With barrel chested pups like Piper, you may need to adjust the waistband several times in order for the tutu to stay in place. You can, alternatively, place it over their neck for more of a tulle cape/jesters neckpiece.

Pit bulls in tutus

Step Six

Send us a picture of your pup all dressed up! 

DIY tutu halloween costume for pit bulls

It’s exhausting being beautiful 😉


What is your dog dressing as for Halloween? Feel free to send us a picture!