Rescued is my favorite breed

Adopt. Don’t Shop

February 15, 2015 Piper arrived at my house as a 12-week old foster puppy. She had been with another foster family with one of her litter mates but she was under the weather so I was asked if I could foster Piper.  Even though I had just delivered my first foster puppy to her forever family the previous day and I had sworn I was going to wait at least a month before taking in a second puppy, when the rescue called, I didn’t hesitate. 

Piper arrived tiny and sick on February 15, 2015


Piper’s trademark “worried wrinkled brow” look started early


She was SO little

At an adoption event when I realized Piper was already home 🙂


Piper’s first snuggle with Simon (Squee!!)


It’s like she was confused about why the basket is flipped over and all the toys are on the ground… That head tilt gets me every time!


 The first shot of the whole crew 🙂