Meet Heidi & Clark

the first official featured dogs of the Sarcastic Dog relaunch!


Says mom, Kelly “This is Heidi, an 8 yr old boxer and Clark is an almost 11 yr old beagle.
Heidi is themost patient, loving and kind big sister to her 4-1/2 yr old human sister. She has been her baby since the day we brought her home from the hospital. She makes every day wonderful having such a loving, sweet face to come home to.

Clark was my first baby, before I had
my baby. He’s named after Clark Griswald from the Christmas Vacation movie lol. Although Clark is a complete handful, and worse than a toddler at getting into stuff and listening, he’s cute as a button and a great snuggler :)”



[one_half_last] Clark-3 Heidi Clark-1 [/one_half_last]

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