Meet Sable!


I’m a 10 year old girl dog named Sable. I’m half collie, half chow and all personality. I rescued Dad because he was lonely and his story reached me several hundred miles away in Radford, VA. I immediately came to his rescue in York, PA. As it should be, I run the household.

I love most human food but especially brisket and other meats. I believe all cats are terrorists sent to the United States to commit jihad. I have my own Facebook page with almost 100 friends and I regularly impart my wisdom to the Facebook world.

Earlier this year, I started a bid for President and had my own FB page covering my policies and chronicling my trips on a private jet with Secret Service protection.. I had to quit due to my vets advice. However, I had my own FB Campaign Page with over 400 followers. At the time I left the race, I was ahead of all the mainstream candidates in every major poll.

In short, I’m a fun loving dog who cares deeply about humans as well as the plight of other dogs. Also, I’m very polite and respectful and I’ll do anything for people who treat me well!!! It’s been good barking with all of you and I hope you have a life filled with dogs and meats!!!. Peace, love and doggy kisses to all of you!


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I don’t actually see you making the brisket…

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The brisket!

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Sable in Pencil


Editor’s Note: Sable also happens to be the “cousin” of Zora, Simon and Piper 😉

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