Learning to Wag Our Tails with uninhibited joy

Hanging at the Hydrant

Dog tricks and treats for Halloween 2016

Tricks and Treats!

It’s a Trick AND Treat Halloween 2016 Giveaway Hop!  The Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop is a sponsored event. Thanks to sponsors Caru Pet Food, Nature’s Logic, & The Honest Kitchen.  All brands and bloggers have provided compensation to be included in this giveaway. All content and opinions expressed are 100% my…

Changing the conversation about pit bulls

Changing the Conversation about Pit Bulls (pt. 2)

Part Two – My Pit Bull Story I get it. The stories about Pit Bulls are scary. The media representation of Pit Bulls could make you believe that they are unhinged monsters just waiting to pounce. Truth be told, I used to be afraid of Pit Bulls based solely on what…

Review and interview. ENter to win a copy of Pit Bull: The Battle Over and American Icon by Bronwen Dickey

Myths and Misconceptions: Bronwen Dickey Changing the Conversation About the Misunderstood Pit Bull

Journalist, Bronwen Dickey shares insights about her book, Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon Before we dive in, let me remind everyone that this website is a Pit Bull safe zone. No BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) here and while you are more than welcome to disagree with my review,…